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A Really Ugly Woman

A Really Ugly Woman

An ugly woman walks into a shop with her two kids.

The shopkeeper asks, "Are they twins"?

The woman says, "No, he's 9 and she's 7. Why? Do you think they look alike?"

"No", he replies, "I just can't believe you got laid twice"!
hmmmm... not bad...(lexxx)
what hav u got to do with an ugly woman? i gess u just go ah...(Guest: )
that is sooo mean :-()...(Guest: )
from the black pot,we produce agidi {paap]....(brownemussy)
baboons dont reproduce bears...God forbid...(Guest: )
May be it's me but i dont get the humor in thst issh yarn!!....(Guest: )
Water drop from my eyes o. I dey laugh I dey cry. it's on...(iyabo)
what a joke? can she be dat ulgy? any way Naija men no dey l...(Guest: )
i believe its a trait and cannot be changed...(willimana)
wow that's harsh but quite funny hmm but i enjoyed it sha...(Guest: )
I have read it before but its stll good...(gday)
Guys, sincerely, in all the years I have spent on God's own ...(ebak)
lmao Elder Ebak u don reach here I just love ur words of w...(iyabo)
Sisi Iyabo, I was only trying to bring myself up to speed wi...(ebak)
ebak no hard feelinZ...(sandygurl)
So much transpired Elder Ebak.. My eyes dey open wide wide....(iyabo)
why is that ugly women are the ones with best assets, best b...(ahanna)
Mazi Ahanna, you never analyse am finish. Try enter the sacr...(ebak)
fine women dont care about respect of showing real affection...(iyabo)
Iyabo, may your days be long. You are truly speaking from ex...(ebak)
Iyabo, Ebak... a so called pretty woman will only behave tha...(ahanna)
But Ahanna don't you know say it is very hard to get thru t...(iyabo)
Elder Ebak amen o You too your wisdom go pass to all the wo...(iyabo)
That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO not funny....(Guest: )
this is funny......woman calm urself down all will be fine.....(krioman)
this is so funny but it is also very mean! you never know if...(Guest: )
ok was the moral lesson for ths crap...(Guest: )
one man,s food is onther mans poison...(Guest: )
may be she is drouth ...(Guest: )

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