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Garden of Eden was in Nigeria - Researchers

Garden of Eden was in Nigeria - ResearchersTWO academic researchers are set to present proof that the Biblical Garden of Eden, the accepted origin of mankind, was situated somewhere in the jungles of Cross River State. Professor Catherine Acholonu-Olumba and Mr. Ajay Prabhakar, Country Ambassador and Programmes Co-ordinator respectively for the United Nations Forum of Arts and Culture, have provided details of their findings in a book jointly written by them.In a press statement issued yesterday in Abuja, the researchers said their book, entitled “The Gram Code of African Adam,” would be presented at a world press conference on November 24. According to the statement, the book is a product of four years of painstaking research on the Ikom Monoliths which began in 2001 and which had been widely reported by the Nigerian media.The research result was first presented before a global audience at the round-table on Inter-cultural dialogue hosted by UNESCO as part of the Black Heritage Festival, in Badagry, Lagos, in May 2001. Subsequently, the research team was hosted by the Black academics and the Black communities in many states in the United States, the statement said.The authors declared that they had succeeded in breaking the code of the monolith inscriptions after a meticulous study of “forgotten, buried and misplaced records of lost races of the world.”Among the “key discoveries” made in the course of the research was that the geographical area marked in the monolith joining of Rivers Niger and Benue represented the “geometric centre of then Earth”.“Also, Nigeria is exactly at the place identified in the Bible book of Genesis as the centre of Eden, where the Tree of Life was located.”The authors confidently stated: “Alok Village and its environs, Cross River and its neighbouring states, and indeed Nigeria as a whole, was that Biblical Eden where Adam and Eve first lived before they were driven out by God”.
this shit's retarded....(frobro)
what a load of bullocks...(amy)
this is just an effort by the west to christenize )
Don't knock it, this could be true and would explain why Nig...(Guest: )
This researchers ehn. nothing dey wont come up with. i take ...(baby4u2)
Everybody wants to be famous. So dem go claim say na dem ...(Guest: )
nice idea and initiative but there is no backing or proof to...(Guest: )
RE: GARDEN OF EDEN WAS IN NIGERIA. Those researchers are tw...(Guest: )
@frobro please, give your source before u throw all the ho...(smilingjee2)
Well well well. I just find it funny. where is this proof...(iyabo)
This is just an opinion not a fact. well-done researchers, ...(Guest: )
The white man would rather find that he came from goats than...(Guest: )
That's a lie. Science must have gone mad to even think the o...(Guest: )
You that do not beleive in the research of two meaning niger...(Guest: )
Please, lets respect the views and findings of the two resea...(Guest: )
Don't this guys realize that all they are doing is giving Ni...(Guest: )
u know we fricans we never seize to amaze our selves.and thi...(d12)
Who is fooling who?...(Guest: )
hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! get the fuck outta here....(Guest: )
Well let us see the impact the acclaimed researchers will ma...(Guest: )
It Could be true.Calabar woman can make any man do anything,...(Guest: )
Once opun a time I was told at my father's business site tha...(Guest: )
Naija too claim sef....(Guest: )
Even a child will be sceptical about this.ha ha ha ha ha tha...(Guest: )
although this sounds incredible,because on of the rivers in ...(Guest: )
pls do analyz ur research very well cus i think something is...(Guest: )
hahahahahaha!! No wonder corruption can not stop. So devil l...(Guest: )
abeg no dey add for bible, o. the garden of eden dey for som...(Guest: ) case they don't know, a white man already documente...(Guest: )

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